Privacy Policy

The mentioned Privacy Policy includes important information of Bahist( " Platform" and/or "We") which are being collected from the user(s) ("User(s)" and/or "You") of"Website") . One must go through the mentioned Privacy Policy in conjunction along with the user Agreement of the website available at

Personal details are gathered only after the registration of a User(s) on the website or his/her access to web , or any single act done on the website. Following are our Privacy Principles:

  • Whether User(s) wants to share the personal details or not is totally their own decision.
  • One can delete their personal data even after registering with the website as their choice.

Device permissions & Information Collection and Use section

Following Personal details which you may provide us or it may be collected by us are:

  • User(s) email address and password
    Note : To safeguard the privacy of User(s) reasonable security has been adopted to keep it protected from being leaked to any stranger including the platform.
  • User(s) shipping , billing , tax registration and all other details related to the sale or purchase receipts on the Website.
  • Transaction details of an individual with the other member staffs on the website. The way User(s) is working on the website.
  • And also required , the details of computer connection which one is using to visit the site to further work on it or take any action.
  • The main goal behind gathering the personal details of User(s) is to provide them all the new features and services which has been developed by the Platform on or in connection with the site and also to ease the process of contacting the member staffs to inform about the services provided by the Platform it's associates , business partners or advertisers; keeping the track of the individuals personal details , as allowed and required under applicable laws and regulations/ judiciary orders. It is required to serve various processes for instance promotion of materials , advertising to Customers and such other uses as provided in the User Agreement of Privacy Policy. The information may also be used for online and offline advertising of products , transactional purposes , direct marketing , services and other offers from time to time pertaining to Platform or it's parent , subsidiary and affiliated companies (" Platform Entities") and it's joint ventures.
  • The information may be gathered by the company to keep the record of all the activities of User(s) for appraisal from the Website of all User(s).The particular information is gathered with the help of server log files and various smart technologies. Examination of definite variety of technical information may include cookies and web beacons.
  • The Personal details and all other private data gathered with the help of tracking technologies may be combined and are accumulated with details of other User(s), to give the User(s) best experience on the Website.
  • After the acknowledgement of an individual about the Privacy Policy of Company he/she must be aware of , whatever the Personal details has been gathered through technology is for vital functional purpose of the Platform Entities and it's joint ventures.
  • At the same time an individual also agrees to that the details which are meant to be very sensitive as per applicable laws are of utmost importance to access the various service provided by the Platform pertaining to the website.

Sharing and Disclosure of Information

Platform act as an legatee of all the Personal details and are bound to follow the reasonable commercial attempts to stop the unauthorised access of User(s) information. By providing the access to User(s) information to business partner/ third parties or any agent entities are done in order to complete the service or any marketing related activity carefully which are provided to them under the supervision of the Platform Entities or it's joint ventures. It will be fully assured by the company that the employee which will be hire by them for the purpose of the website will be fully committed to the privacy policy of the site and will also maintain the confidentiality with respect to the Personal details , to be use strictly only for the website.

It is processed in such a way that it is made compulsory for User(s) to enter his/her details into commercial transaction along with the other User(s) of the site.

In Accordance with Laws and it's Enforcement

Platform works with administrative government and law enforcing body or any business partner/assistant or third parties by an order under law to comply with the law for the time being. Any of the private details of an individual will be released/provided to government officials only and only after the companies sole decision. The safety of public , rights of Platform as well as third party, protection of the property all are taken into consideration before any legal proceedings.

The private details which are being considered sensible information of an individual will be done sincerely without interruption of illegal or unethical process.
The personal details may be disclosed to income tax department or any other tax authorities upon their request but only after the proper verification of the authority.

Business Transfers

At the time , Platform can sell , transfer it's assets along with the Personal details of User (s) under the situation of bankruptcy , reorganisation or merger. If any of such activities occur then Company would assure User(s) about the safeguard of their Personal details and will ensure that the information provided to transferee is use in accordance with the rules and regulations in which company is bound to be.

Email Policies

User(s) has full control over what type of email are they receiving , they can unsubscribe any of mails which they don't want to communicate further. The process of unsubscribing the particular mail couldn't come into effect as soon as it's unsubscribe , it will take additional period of time to take in consideration the changes or options opted by the User(s).

Deleting User(s) Information

If an individual during his working time ever want to get his/her information which has been collected by the website to be deleted , then one has to send request through mail to the Customer Service department which is provided at the bottom of the page.

Note : The process of deleting information from Website may result into the cancellation of registration which in turn will affect the User(s) access to Website and it's improved version features.


Ordinary industry standard technology designed is used to safeguard all the Personal details of User(s) by Platform.

All the important details or information are encrypted end to end which are inserted as data prior sending to any of the website or party with the help of Secure Server Software (SSL). As well the data of Customers which are being collected has been protected against unauthorized access. Unauthorized access can be prevented by carefully using the information , keeping in mind about data accuracy. It will be ensure by the company about the information which they will be sharing with the third party will also follow the same security guidelines as it is done by company. And all other possible and effective steps are taken to keep the personal details fully secured.

Personal data of User(s) may be send or are maintain on such networks or system of computer resources which are situated outside the town and the privacy policy of theirs may not be same as it is how protective and secure you can observewhere you live. If you reside outside India and wish to transfer any details then one should make sure that Platform keeps or transfers information to India and then starts the process in their own computer. Submission of such information or details deals with agreement to the particular transfer.

As it is known to all of us transfer of details over the internet is not completely encrypted.
But the Company is trying hard to provide all sorts of security and encryption , it's not easy to give full guarantee to details security so any transmission of data totally depends on the User(s) risk. Once the details are gathered by the company all the possible security features are maintained and are also proctected from unauthorized access.

Links of other Websites/ Financial Data

The links of other websites are provided to User(s) for their comfort and information. Every sites has it's own Privacy Policy so it will be quite easy to review their policies as it is recommended by the Company. Any of the changes or misguidance in other links to website is not the fault of Company one has to deal with their own.

During transaction involving other User(s) of the Website , one may disclose their financial details along with the details of bank account , credit card in relation to payment procedures or Pre-paid instrument service provider. Understanding the policies one may understand that the Website and Platform never asks for financial details from this service provider.

All types of information ( financial , personal and so on) will be managed by these service provider in compliance with their respective privacy policies as well as other terms and conditions. Platform and Website shall not be liable/responsible to any of the information which will be provided to these service providers.

Changes in Privacy Policy

Privacy policy is being amended from time to time depending upon the need of User(s). The continuation in subscription policy to the Services provided by Company is an acceptance of the then - current Privacy Policy and terms of use , one is being encouraged to revisit the website periodically.


Phishing is an act of deceiving an individual using their details mainly bank details. This act is of great concern to Platform and Websites. Keeping the details of User(s) safe is the first priority of the Company , we would never ask for credit card details or national number verification in a non secure way.

So please remember when anyone calls you and asks for the details.

Contact Us

If an individual has any queries regarding the Privacy Policy or any of the action taken by Platform or ones agreement with the site.

One can contact through the links given at the bottom of the page. - Grievance Officer

This page is discovered and should be interpreted in compliance with the provisions of Rule3(11) of the Information Technology (Intermediate Guidelines) Rules, 2011( " IT Rules") which requires mentioning the good name of Grievance Officer and his/her contact details on the website.

Hence , any victim who faces the violation of Rule 3(outlined in our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use) by any unknown or know can register their redressal/complaints to us.

Following the Rule 3(4) of the IT Rules , the Grievance Officer is bound to give a response of complaint within 36( thirty six) hours , redressal of complaints should be made within 1 month from the date of receipt of complaint.

In compliance with Information Technology Act 2000 and rules made there under , the name and contact details of the Grievance Officer is mentioned below:


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